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LKHAS understand the need for your organisation to remain up to date with the latest legislation so that you can always remain compliant.
Wherever, you are based in the UK, we provide a wide range of services, that we know work, our consultants have worked in industry with both shop floor and senior management levels. We have worked alongside the regulatory bodies (both the Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency) and ensured accepted safe systems of work have been developed.


Whether you want to have a bespoke health and safety management system based on the HSE’s published guidance, HSG65 or a system that can be integrated with both environmental and quality systems, based on the internationally recognised model BS ISO 45001, we can help and we can guide you to prepare for independent accreditation.


Few, SME and micro businesses can afford their own full-time competent health and safety professional. LKHAS recognise this and following an initial Health and Safety evaluation of your organisation’s activities, can tailor make a package of support so that competent advice is at hand at all times. Guiding you through the myriad of legislation which is there to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees are of paramount importance.


Should your safeguards fail, and the worst happens, an independent investigation of what went wrong and how control measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of the failure occurring again is important. Your own employees can be too close to provide a totally impartial assessment.
Our consultants are experienced at incident investigation and are at hand to provide you with assistance.


In the process and similarly related industries, change is managed through carefully prescriptive procedures and systems. Part of this include the various HAZID studies (HAZOP, PHR etc). We have experienced HAZID study leaders and scribes who can support you project management teams.


Having reviewed and developed the Emergency Response plans (both Internal and External) for a number of COMAH sites and then subsequently trained both operational and support staff in emergency response, LKHAS is well experienced to provide support with your reviews and training in this area.


We can provide qualitative face fit testing for your employees. All our testers who carry out face fit testing have been trained to a “Fit2Fit” accredited training scheme.


Whether your site is Upper Tier or Lower Tier COMAH our consultants can provide assured assistance in developing not only your process safety but also your occupational health and safety systems.
We have experience of writing Safety Reports to meet the latest SRAM guidance from the competent authority

Aerial Photography,

Aerial Industrial Photography, Inspection and Survey, Promotional and 360° Virtual Tours
Reduce the risk to your workforce by providing a safe alternative to Working at Height.

“Avoid work at height where it's reasonably practicable to do so”
Source: Working at Height Regulations 2005

Drone aerial photography and filming offers a safer solution and alternative for the inspection and surveying of both industrial and commercial property and plant.

Additional Drone services are available for both promotional purposes, Industrial Photography, as well as 360°, ground based virtual tours.
All Drone photography is performed by a fully insured and approved certified UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) drone operator.
Safety is our prime consideration for all our flights, we undertake a series of procedures to ensure each flight can be conducted without risk to persons or property.